Streamlining Care, Improving Health

Company Profile

Established in 1995, Medisim Ltd. is dedicated to developing pioneering medical devices that enhance people’s health and ease caregivers’ tasks. Our primary focus is groundbreaking platforms and therapies responding to unmet needs, with substantial medical impact.
Medisim has a strong market impact, with millions of users annually worldwide, and a solid IP position, based on a variety of patents. It is headquartered in Israel, with subsidiaries in the USA and Hong Kong.
Our innovative solutions focus on home thermometry, core temperature monitoring and amblyopia therapy, based on leading technology and long-standing expertise.


Medisim aspires to enable technology, by making high-grade solutions accessible to millions of people worldwide at an affordable price.
We make healthcare easy, intuitive and effective through advanced medical devices built with game-changing technology.


Medisim operates with a positive, can-do approach, overcoming obstacles and constantly searching for ways to achieve goals which appear impossible.

We develop our technology with the user in mind, and view our users, their needs and experience as a beacon to guide our path.


At the core of our conduct is our strong connection to our community. We strive to promote people’s health and wellbeing and to create a better world for our children.

We operate with integrity and reliability, and integrate populations from varied backgrounds.

This is reflected in Medisim’s day-to-day interactions with all internal and external interfaces, and creates a nurturing environment for our technology.


Medisim invests considerable resources in research and development to retain its position at the forefront of medical technology, and constantly seeks new ideas for science based innovation.

Underlying this approach is its expertise in making innovations evolve into a viable product.

Management and Founders

Ilan Vadai

Ilan Vadai

Co-founder, CEO

Mr. Vadai is a seasoned health-tech executive and co-founder of several medical technology companies. Previously responsible for Medisim's operations, products development and scaling, he brings multidisciplinary experience. Ilan holds an MA from the New York Institute of Technology.

Moshe Yarden

Moshe Yarden

Co-founder, Chairman & CTO

Mr. Yarden is one of the visionaries who founded Medisim, and has led the company to its current leading position. Before creating Medisim, Moshe was involved in the defence and semiconductor industries. Moshe holds a BSc in Aeronautical Engineering from the Technion in Haifa, and an E-MBA from the Tel Aviv University.

John Wilson

John Wilson

President Medisim USA Inc.

Mr. Wilson is responsible for the strategic planning, marketing, and sales in the USA. During his more than 40 years in the medical device and consumer medical products industry, Mr. Wilson has held management positions in manufacturing, product development, marketing and general management. Prior to joining Medisim, he held a variety of executive positions at BD and Omron Healthcare. He has a BS in Engineering from Rutgers University.

Prof. Sorin Teich

Prof. Sorin Teich


Prof. Sorin Teich was one of the three Medisim's founders. Throughout his tenure at the company he was instrumental in developing the quality assurance system and provided input in regards to intellectual property, medical aspects and clinical trials. Sorin also served for over 20 years on Medisim's board of directors.