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Medisim Ltd. develops advanced medical devices that helps both people and caregivers, and have a powerful impact on healthcare. Medisim’s diverse technology achievements range from Home and Professional Thermometry to Pediatric Ophthalmology.
Headquartered in Israel since 1995, with facilities in the USA, Medisim has a staunch market position, with varied patents and millions of users annually worldwide.

Community Activity

We use our power and strengths to make a difference in the community surrounding us.

We believe in our ability to change things for the better, not only through exceptional technology solutions, but also through our goodwill, involvement and talents.

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Corporate VC

Let Us Realize Your Potential

Medisim invests in groundbreaking medical technologies that can make a true difference.

We provide a warm and supportive environment for entrepreneurs who have launched
their journey toward success, using our established infrastructure and experience.

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